I don’t know where I’d be right now without Peter. He did the heavy lifting while I worked at getting better. Peter, you’re a rockstar, thanks.
— Earl, Workers' Compensation Client


Since completing law school at Santa Clara University in 2010, I have been representing clients in State and Federal courts throughout Northern California. In 2011, I expanded beyond criminal defense and began representing injured workers before the Workers’ Compensation courts. Since 2011, I have appeared at thousands of hearings and litigated hundreds of cases to resolution at the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose Workers’ Compensation courts. Prior to opening my firm in Redwood City, I worked for a high volume Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury law firm located in Burlingame. During my time there, I was able to gain valuable litigation experience by litigating hundreds of cases to resolution. Since 2011, I have gained a reputation as a skilled and aggressive litigator. 


My Mission

Ever since I was a kid, I always rooted for the underdog. The law is supposed to treat all people equally, however, it often doesn’t unless you have a strong advocate on your side. I represent regular people  who have been injured at work. I know how overwhelming it can be to try and keep your finances in order while trying to fight for medical treatment and benefits from an insurance company that does not care about you.  Injured workers often do not know how to navigate a complex insurance bureaucracy that is designed to limit care and costs so that the insurance companies can a make a profit. I fight for regular people who find themselves in difficult, if not impossible, situations. I have devoted my career to helping the little guy succeed. At my office I tailor a legal strategy for each individual client--there is no one size fits all approach. I fight tirelessly so that my clients receive every benefit, protection and defense available under the law. 


I can’t say enough good things about my attorney Peter Gimbel. After my injury case was denied by Worker’s Comp insurance I contacted Peter and everything changed. I got the health care that I needed as well as the compensation that I was entitled to. Peter was the advocate that I needed to guide me throughout the legal process, answer my questions, and get the best outcome.

— Denise, Workers' Compensation Client
Peter M. Gimbel has played a crucial roll in my workers compensation process. He answered all my questions and helped me with his unparalleled knowledge of the law. After my case was settled he helped me with some other related issues while he did not have to put his time in. I highly recommend him and I am confident he will do his excellent work as he performed on my case.
— Odette, Workers' Compensation Client
Mr. Gimbel is a great lawyer who genuinely cares about your best interest. For my workers compensation case he took care of everything from the start I basically didn’t have to worry. He got me the treatment I needed for my injury and the physical therapy so that I could begin my recovery. In the end he got me a great settlement and very swiftly.
— Nick, Workers' Compensation Client
He helped me clean a mess my last lawyer did and got a reasonable settlement ...I asked him to get me enough. Money to start up a tow company ...he did just that... I’m three years in business now couldn’t be blessed more than I am..a great lawyer I highly recommend him with out a doubt. Thanks Mr Gimbel.
— Prashil, Workers' Compensation Client
Mr. Peter Gimbel assisted me greatly with my worker’s compensation case. He was patient and most thorough, with all points of law pertaining to my case. He made sure that I fully understood all that was going on in reference to my situation. I can truthfully say he is a dedicated attorney who will go that extra mile for you. I highly recommend him.
— Albert, Workers' Compensation Client
Mr. Gimbel is highly professional, considerate and punctual in his legal practice. Throughout our case Mr. Gimbel is extremely proactive at setting up meetings that involve both my family and the defendant. Mr. Gimbel is also a very honest attorney. During our meetings he had always explained the tiniest details and restrictions in a candid manner which made seemingly difficult terms and concepts well-understood after his explanation. I highly recommend Mr. Gimbel to anyone seeking help with Workers Compensation cases.
— Stanley, Workers' Compensation Client
I sincerely want to thank Peter Gimbel and his staff for helping me with my workers comp case. He really took the time to explain everything that was going on in great detail and answered all my questions. Even when I called or emailed, I always got a prompt answer. His attention to detail is impressive. It was obvious he’s extremely adept and experienced at handling injuries like mine (neck, back, shoulder and hip) and got me the best award possible. Do yourself a favor and call this man asap, just talking with him, you will see what I did.
— Eric, Workers' Compensation Client